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Winning as a California Mortgage Loan Officer in 2018

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February 1, 2018by Marketing

When people ask you, “Why become  a loan officer?”, you might respond, “It’s the money!” True, most mortgage loan officers have the potential of making $100,000-plus per year. Great mortgage loan officers specializing in hard money loans or conventional real estate loans can even add a zero to the above figure. As you set your goals for 2018, consider the following:

Tip #1: Always be friendly and positive.
Whether on the phone or in person, always greet everyone with a smile, even for the difficult co-worker or client. You never know who will refer your next deal. When you appear at ease, those around you will feel comfortable speaking with you and entrusting you with their loan needs.

Tip #2: Respond instantly.
We hear over and over again, “We went with you because we heard from you first.” It’s been said that if you return your messages, you are already in the top 20%. If you are the fastest to respond, you are poised to enter the top 1%.

Tip #3: Try everything that is marketing.
Sales is like fishing; you should try all of the spots to get the most fish. Keep what works, discard what doesn’t. Loan originators should take a pie approach to marketing and use multiple approaches. If there is a market shift away from what works best, your other pie slices will still work.

Tip #4: When you have accomplished a goal for your clients, let them know.
Also, when they thank you for getting the job done, remind them to tell their friends. When you are more successful than the expectation, the client is impressed. And when they are happy, ask for referrals.

Tip #5: Thank people.
By expressing gratitude for their business, you show that you appreciate them, and everybody likes to feel appreciated. They will remember you, come back to you, and send their friends.

Buying a home requires a lot of time and effort on the buyer’s part to get the best loan available. Instilling confidence in the home buyer and the real estate agent is the key to long-term success. Good rates are important for California mortgage brokers, but performing like a top home loan professional is your best path to success.