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Culture Corner: We Lend, LLC

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July 1, 2020by Originate Report

We Lend, LLC, a hard money lender based in Queens, New York, believes the customer experience is defined by internal values and culture. That’s why We Lend fosters a tight-knit, family atmosphere where passion and hard work are rewarded, and integrity matters above all else.

Celebrating milestones.

We Lend was founded by a group of real estate investors who cut their teeth fixing and flipping properties during the 2009 financial crisis. They realized the private lending space needed innovation, and We Lend was born. The firm combines exceptional customer service, expertise, and simple, fast processes to build trusted relationships with clients. 

Every member of the We Lend team shares a passion for real estate investment. To ensure that passion translates into superior customer service, We Lend starts by taking care of the team. As a family-owned company, We Lend treats staff like one big family, hosting events family style, including barbeques, dinners, and holiday parties. Just like family, the team never misses a birthday celebration. We Lend also offers in-office perks like company lunches and massages on “Wellness Wednesdays.” Its motto is to treat each team member the same way they treat clients: with dignity and respect.

Hosting a team dinner after a weekend-long event.

We Lend’s founders, acutely aware of the perception of the hard money lending industry, also worked hard to build a culture of honesty and integrity, keeping clients well-informed and offering trusted advice. It reinforces this culture internally by encouraging open feedback and exchange of ideas via group Slack channels, weekly company meetings or regular one-on-one meetings. We Lend extends this ethos to the broader community. It recently expanded its office to create a coworking space where family, clients and industry partners can drop-in. The community office environment sparks open dialogue, which often develops into new opportunities for clients that otherwise may not have occurred.  

Company working space.

The hard-working culture and open communication at We Lend are built on a foundation of expertise and teamwork. To instill industry expertise and company culture, all junior staff members are mentored by a member of the senior staff, who bring extensive experience to the table. This ensures every member of the team is prepared to provide the best possible experience for borrowers. Not only does We Lend strive to secure the best possible loans for its borrowers, but it also spreads the love, connecting borrowers to a network of real estate professionals throughout the supply chain. 

Zoom team calls for remote working.

The We Lend culture of passion, integrity, and teamwork is a market differentiator. This culture helped carry the team through the recent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The firm upped its game internally, enhancing communication and digital systems, in turn optimizing the customer experience. The emphasis on detail and communication helped the team remain connected and ensured client relationships stayed strong while working remotely. Even apart, the team culture continues to unite the We Lend family.