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Rehab Financial Group Wants to Help You Succeed: Their Lending Practices Prove It

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August 1, 2021by Mark Dewyea

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Rehab Financial Group (RFG) is a private money lender that provides creative and accessible funding solutions to real estate investors in 26 states across the United States. RFG fully underwrites all of its loans and covers 100% of both purchase and renovations expenses for projects up to 70% of the projected After Repair Value (ARV). That translates into zero down payment for most of RFG’s loans—meaning you can scale your investment business with no out-of-pocket costs for purchase or rehab. RFG’s innovative lending strategy enables investors to conserve financial resources to account for unanticipated costs over the project life cycle. RFG is unique from the majority of private money or hard money lenders because it strives to streamline the acquisition timeline of distressed properties by providing 100% financing with zero money down.

Passionate Leadership Makes the Difference

“Just because you are a CEO, don’t think you have landed. You must continually increase your learning, the way you think, and the way you approach the organization.”—Indra Nooyi, Pepsi CEO & Chairperson

Susan Naftulin, RFG’s president and co-founder, is largely responsible for instilling the client-focused corporate environment that RFG is renowned for—a characteristic that has built a devoted and loyal base of repeat customers who appreciate the experienced insight and knowledgeable staff. RFG focuses on clear and honest communication at all stages of the lending process, as Naftulin puts it: “We have one customer who has trusted us for over 150 transactions. We are just as much in the business of establishing and maintaining relationships as we are lending money.” RFG credits the quality of its service to its thorough and intuitive underwriting process. By taking a case-by-case, thorough analysis of each project proposal, the expert RFG lending team prides itself in facilitating creative, practical financing terms that mitigate the risk of default and assist real estate investors in accomplishing their professional goals.

Leveraging Creativity Delivers Results

“Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.”—Ed McCabe, McCabe Communications CEO

What gives RFG a leg up on any competitor in the lending industry? The answer is deceivingly simple: 100% Financing. RFG is an industry leader when it comes to crafting unique lending products. Ever since its inception in 2009, RFG has consistently delivered competitive and sustainable funding solutions to scores of satisfied investors. Their signature service, the 100% Premier loan, offers clients 100% financing, up to 70% ARV on the purchase price and renovation expenses and has truly revolutionized the lending space over the past decade. By striking a unique harmony between responsible underwriting protocol with proven risk mitigation strategies seamlessly integrated into an all-round efficient process and an end-product carefully structured to optimize real estate investor liquidity, the 100% Premier is the best of both worlds: an aggressive bridge loan with favorable terms. To cap it all off, with no prepayment penalties, RFG clients never have to worry about being penalized for proactively paying off their loan prior to its maturity date.

RFG specializes in getting investors access to the capital they need when they need it. Their longstanding goal is for their lending process to never be accountable for holding up a transaction, and they consistently deliver on this promise. RFG is typically able to fund projects in 14 days or less—a fraction of the time it would take for a conventional lender to deliver project financing. In today’s increasingly competitive real estate investing marketplace, you simply cannot afford to not have the cash on hand to take advantage of great deals. By partnering with RFG, borrowers can confidently submit offers on promising investment projects knowing that they can quickly and efficiently facilitate the financial aspect of the transaction—a peace of mind that is worth its weight in gold when it comes to successful real estate investing.

RFG Has Skin in the Game—Your Success is Their Success

RFG finances each and every loan with their own capital. That’s right: it’s their own money they are essentially putting on the line every time they underwrite a loan—which means they are under no regulatory obligations when it comes to adhering to standardized credit approval algorithms or inflexible loan formulas. This affords RFG an invaluable degree of flexibility when it comes to evaluating each client’s specific requirements and then individually tailoring their loan products with an insightful and innovative combination of rates, terms and points that ideally positions all clients up for succeeding on their investment project. Their clients’ investment success story is RFG’s lending success story. It’s that underlying mutually beneficial relationship that truly sets RFG apart in the industry. RFG strives to do everything they can to ensure that their clients’ investment strategy is ideally situated for long-term success.

RFG provides loans to investors of all experience levels and portfolio sizes—from first-time house flippers closing on their very first property to seasoned investors with a diversified assortment of assets. RFG also routinely lends to LLCs, LPs, and corporate entities with sufficient credit histories that are willing to personally guaranty the loan. The real estate investment industry as a whole has undergone an exponential increase in the amount of active investors over the past 10 years. RFG prioritizes building lasting relationships with those just starting out in the business and view it as a privilege to have the opportunity to assist in educating new investors by walking them through the entire process and acting as a trusted resource as well as partner in their long-term investment strategy.

RFG is invested in their clients’ success. Whether they’re seeking a fix-to-flip or fix-to-rent loan, they can provide a personalized loan product to satisfy all of your needs. RFG is always on the lookout for financially responsible borrowers who aspire to make a mark in the real estate investment space. Contact RFG today to learn more about how we can make it happen!