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Kat Hungerford – Shout Out

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June 1, 2021by Marketing

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Your Name

Linda Hyde


Managing Director

“Nominee” Name

Kat Hungerford


Project Development Manager

  1. Do you supervise or work directly with this person?

    I directly supervise Kat.

  2. General duties for your company.

    General duties include marketing, technology support, project management, Editor of Private Lender Magazine & Heads the AAPL Government Relations Committee.

  3. How long in the industry/with your company?

    Kat has been with AAPL going on 3 years but worked for another entity within the family of companies prior to moving over.

  4. How long have you worked with them?

    I have worked with Kat for the 3 years she has been with AAPL.

  5. How does this person affect the industry at large? Ie: What contributions have they made that have made a positive impact on Private Lending?

    Kat manages the AAPL Government Relations Committee (GRC) operations, which has had many positive legislative efforts/wins impacting the Private Lending Industry over the past few years. Kat has played a key role coordinating efforts on behalf of AAPL and working in tandem with other leaders in the lending industry to make sure our members are represented.  Her dedication to these efforts is all behind the scenes but creates immeasurable impact across the lending industry.

  6. What is your favorite memory of this person in action?

    Favorite memory must be the “Day on the Hill” AAPL hosted in 2019 at Capitol Hill in DC. Kat was so excited and worked so hard to set up an entire morning of meetings with key legislator’s staff. She took the lead in getting everyone organized so that we were on time and in the correct building. Kat has a passion when it comes to AAPL’s legislative efforts, so this was like a trip to the North Pole for her all the while taking charge of a large group that is not so easy to handle.

  7. Why do you want to recognize this person today?

    Kat’s strong morals and can-do attitude allow AAPL to continue to add value to its membership.  She keeps the integrity of the lending industry as a priority, challenging herself daily to make sure AAPL remains committed to its core values.  Kat is perfectly content with sitting in the background, she truly deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication, not only to AAPL, but the lending industry as a whole.