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JCAP Private Lending: Committed to Service

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October 4, 2021by Mark Dewyea

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Originate Report recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Bob Eakin, CEO at Jcap Financial Group, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the origin story of Jcap Private Lending as well as ask him a few questions about the state of the current lending industry. He highlighted some key factors that have contributed to Jcap’s success in addition to some exciting plans for the future. Read on for a closer look at a truly client-centered company that’s fully committed to delivering innovative and efficient financial solutions to each and every one of their clients.

Prioritizing Customer Service

Corporate mottos—when done correctly—can be quite indicative of an organization’s culture and mindset. Jcap definitely got it right with their slogan: “We Care & We Serve.” This simple, yet powerful, overarching operating philosophy underscores Jcap’s lending approach. “Helping people with monumental financial decisions in a context where no two situations are ever the same is the challenge that keeps me going,” says Eakin. “To this day, I love how this profession involves problem solving and caring for people.” That’s saying something when you consider that Eakin has been in the business for more than 30 years.

That unique service-based mindset is what initially got Eakin hooked on pursuing a career in the lending industry as a junior in college. After completing a summer internship with a fellow alumnus, he was driven to pursue a career in a field where he could use his understanding of the mortgage and loan processes to assist entrepreneurs, investors, and homeowners alike in meeting their financial goals—from the most complex real estate developments to straightforward refinances for clients who need fast access to capital.

The commitment to helping others extends beyond the day-to-day business at Jcap, where Eakin has instilled a philanthropic corporate culture. The lender has partnered with several non-profit organizations over the span of over 25 years to enhance the lives of people around the world—including bringing sight to the blind in Vietnam, a medical mission to Peru and volunteering weekly at local churches. “We are all citizens of the world,” says Eakin. “Helping people succeed—regardless of the context whether it be financial or otherwise—is what motivates me the most.”

Transparency + Common Sense = Successful Lending Outcomes

At the end of the day, Jcap is primarily concerned with mutual success—when they’re clients accomplish their goals, everyone wins. “When a client comes to us with a deal, we want them to leave with a profit,” explains Eakin. “We want them to be excited, to go in strong, to finish quickly and ahead of schedule so they leave making as much money as possible.”

To that end, Jcap adheres to a common-sense driven approach to evaluating and funding deals with a special emphasis on speed, simplicity and safety for both borrowers and investors. This philosophy necessitates complete transparency and honesty according to Eakin: “When clients come to us, the main question we have is: Are they going to make money?” That question is misleadingly simplistic, as anyone familiar with the real estate process knows that there are a multitude of variables—some known, some unforeseen—that always seem to arise in every transaction. “When you talk about budgets, we ensure there’s a contingency—it’s real estate, there’s always going to be some extra expense,” notes Eakin.

Adaptation is Key

Adjusting to new trends and market dynamics is an integral component of success in every industry, and it’s something that Eakin fully expects to accomplish with Jcap. A perfect example is the unprecedented events associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. “I believe that the virtual component of the pandemic necessitated an emphasis on efficiency,” says Eakin. “While nothing will replace in-person interactions, the virtual aspect of meeting with clients and creating innovative technological solutions to facilitate deals remotely has been invaluable and something that we will continue to refine and perfect to deliver the best possible experience for our clients.”