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January 31, 2018by Originate Report Team

There are very few American cities with more historical significance than Boston. Founded all the way back in 1630, this Massachusetts town was the focal point for some of the most significant moments in our nation’s past- including the Boston Tea Party, the Siege of Boston, and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Being no less influential today, the city is a hub for academic study and research most notably it is home to MIT and Harvard, two of the most prestigious universities worldwide. Because of its internationally renowned status, it also attracts countless entrepreneurs and a wealth of startups. For Bostonians, sports are also a central part of the city’s culture and identity. With world-famous stadiums like Fenway Park and a fierce sense of loyalty to their teams (the Patriots and the Red Sox in particular) Boston is a haven for sports fans.

Must-visit Locations:

Boston National Historical Park: If you’re interested in learning more about the significant role that Boston played in the American Revolution, then you can’t miss a tour through the Historical Park. If you take the Freedom Trail through downtown then you’ll hit almost every major site that the park has to offer, including Faneuil Hall (one of the country’s most visited tourist sites), the Charlestown Navy Yard, and even Paul Revere’s house.

Fenway Park: Sports fan or not, you don’t want to miss a game at Fenway Park. As the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, Fenway has hosted some truly historic games and has held the World Series ten times! The home of the Red Sox is so beloved by Bostonians, it has even been declared a national landmark. Book your tickets now though, because the park is also one of the smallest venues in the country by seating capacity.

Copley Square: Located in the Back Bay area, Copley Square is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. With an inimitable fusion of the classic and modern city aesthetic, this is one of the most beautiful spots in Boston. The Trinity Church is an architectural marvel and the historical high point of the area, along with the Boston Public Library. The nearby Prudential Center also makes a perfect detour for shopping and great food.

Speaking of great food-start your night off right with Top Chef’s Carl Dooley at The Table at Season to Taste, with a French-inspired four-course prix fixe. If that’s not your style, try Highland Kitchen for more traditional American comfort foods-and great cocktails! Try Giulia for some of the best Italian cuisine around, or Loyal Nine for great seafood with an East Coast flair.

If you find yourself looking for a fun way to spend your evening, you could do a lot worse than the Boston Opera House-see one of the touring Broadway shows, concerts, ballets, and more. Check out Boston’s House of Blues for top-tier concerts, food, and atmosphere, or visit Laugh Boston for one of the city’s best comedy clubs.

For one of the hottest spots in Boston, check out the Tunnel nightclub- with a slick, modern aesthetic and impeccable music selection, this is about as trendy as it gets. For a uniquely historical drinking experience, visit the Green Dragon Tavern. This bar has existed in some form since 1654, and was frequented by Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty long ago! If you’re looking for one of the most unique spots in town, visit the Frost Ice Bar where everything (paintings, sculp- tures, tables, chairs, and even glasses) is made of ice.