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July 1, 2018by Rosie Meyer

In this industry, customers do business with you because they know and trust you. Marketing is a tool that can help build rapport with prospective customers. It allows you to show them the brand, voice and integrity that you bring to the table.

Many customers thoroughly research companies online, which means a web site is no longer sufficient for validating your organization to the customer. Today, customers appreciate social media presence and customer reviews.

To address this, be sure you are leveraging social media to your advantage. Stay active on your accounts so you capture the attention of new and potential clients. It’s a great way to make a connection. It allows them to be exposed to your brand, answer their questions and so much more. Consider using automated tools to make the most of your time. Another thing to consider is advertising on these platforms, as you can segment demographics down to your target customer.

Increase Your Lead Performance
Are you tracking your leads? If not, it’s time to start this practice. Lead tracking software can show where your leads are coming from, what they are clicking on, and once they give you their contact information you can reach out.

Engage with your clients and leads early, whether through a live chat tool or an email marketing campaign. Regular communication reminds them that your company is there for them. Creating content for automated emails can be an easy tool that supplements your other efforts.

Lastly, research has shown the customers appreciate a brand that is human. Remember, your brand needs to act as a living, breathing organism. On average in the mortgage industry, it takes a minimum of six to seven brand touches for someone to remember your company. Make every interaction count and adjust to your audience.

Outreach and Engagement with Your Clients
Do you often ask yourself what the secret is to keeping your customers engaged? This is a common question. There are now more ways to connect than ever before. However, what method of outreach and engagement is best?

Between email, social media, texting and phone calls, it is easy for the customer to feel overwhelmed with interactions. The best thing you can do is have your customer tell you what method works best for them and establish this at the beginning of the relationship. Personalization to their needs is a great way to build rapport in the private lending industry. If you show your customer early on in the relationship that you put their needs first, they are more likely to do business with you.

Another tool that is extremely helpful is newsletters. Sending out a monthly newsletter with your happenings helps keep your company on the forefront of their minds — just be sure to keep things brief. Providing content that is easy to scan is key. You can link the newsletters to your blog for full-length articles, which places them on your web site. Once there, readers will likely browse your distinct loan offerings.

Going the Extra Mile Goes a Long Way
Be intentional with them. Send a thoughtful note or postcard in the mail to let customers know you are thinking of them. Handwritten snail mail can go a long way, also. It shows that you invested time and this often translates into customers feeling valued.

Remember customers have a multitude of options available to them when choosing who to use as a lender. When the services you offer are similar to others, distinguish yourself by building rapport and personalization. When customers choose a lender, they lean toward those companies that resonate with their personal values.