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Author Archives: Ruby Keys September 1, 2018

Ruby Keys is the Marketing and Communications Director at Geraci Law Firm and Geraci Media. As a graduate from Vanguard University with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in Marketing and Public Relations, Ms. Keys joined Geraci to promote all aspects of the firm services in the media and coordinate educational resources for clients and trade associations. Ms. Keys focuses on the marketing, public relations, and communication details at Geraci Law Firm, plans all Geraci Media’s corporate conferences, and facilitates the dissemination of Originate Report. CONTACT: (949) 379-2600 |

Why a Weakening Housing Market Could Be Good News for Investors

A recent BiggerPockets’ blog post carried the headline “Why I’ll Never Fix and Flip Houses Again.” The writer lamented about the HGTV factor: How “reality” TV has made flipping houses glamorous and has misled viewers about potential profits. These TV shows aren’t revealing the true costs of flipping a house, the author says, citing national […]

What Seismic Retrofit Requirements Mean for Lenders and Investors

As seismic retrofit programs on the West Coast begin a new phase of migrating from voluntary programs to mandatory programs, lenders, investors, and landlords are scrambling to understand what these programs demand of them. The first thing that needs to happen is identifying properties in a specific portfolio to determine which will need retrofitting. Los […]

Industry Spotlight: Charles Towle

Q: How did you first get into this business? A: Interestingly enough, at an ashram in India. I was taking a break from a financial role in the charity sector, when I first met Jeffrey Sweeney there. Jeff was already well-established in banking and finance after founding US Capital Global, and our shared interests and values quickly […]

Cities to Watch: Seattle

Seattle is often regarded by travelers as one of the most beautiful American cities for its modern and historical architecture, lush green forests (hence the name “Emerald City”), beautiful waterways, surrounding islands and mountains, and the incredible views from nearly every part of the city. Wherever you go throughout the city, you’ll see a proliferation […]

Noble Capital: A Texas-Based Story of Survival

Since 2002, Noble Capital has provided funding for residential real estate rehab and new construction projects across the state of Texas. The company’s investment model offers substantial growth and predictable income to its network of private lenders and fund investors without the high level of volatility inherent in the stock market. All investments are supported by […]

The Future of Lending is Through Automation and AI

When mortgage professionals gather for an industry conference it’s usually not long before someone jokes (or moans) about how slow the industry moves when it comes to adopting new technology. Technology, however, is now more than just a topic of conversation. It’s a must-have for mortgage originators, and the industry can thank fintech firms for […]

Will Consumers Seek Mortgage Alternatives as Interest Rates Rise?

Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points, bringing their benchmark rate to 1.75%-2.00%. It was the second rate hike we’ve seen in 2018, and two more such increases may be on the docket before the New Year with additional activity possible throughout 2019 (according to As the central […]

Cities to Watch: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is named the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and rightfully so. It is well-known around the world as the epicenter of gambling, exquisite dining, shopping and entertainment. The city has numerous casino resorts and entertainment centers on the Las Vegas Strip that bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit each year. […]