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See the Investment Potential of IRAs

Most people in the U.S. are unaware that tax-advantaged accounts, like Traditional or Roth IRAs or old 401(k)s, can invest in “alternative” assets such as private loans. However, the IRS actually does allow “self-directed” accounts to invest in Private Lending investments, real estate, private placements, gold, and much more. For private lenders, this knowledge can […]

Special Feature – Socotra Capital

Remembering ‘Hard Money John’ and Persevering through COVID-19 This year has been a whirlwind for many – between a global pandemic and an often-teetering economy, 2020 has put even the most hardened private lending professionals to the test. The team at Socotra Capital, a premier private lender based in California, certainly knows this. While navigating […]

UBTI and Mortgage Debt Funds

According to Investopedia, Unrelated Business Taxable Income [UBTI] is income regularly generated by a tax-exempt entity by means of taxable activities. This income is not related to the main function of the entity and prevents or limits tax-exempt entities from engaging in businesses that are unrelated to their primary purposes. UBTI greater than $1,000 is […]

Culture Corner: Pacific Private Money

Pacific Private Money: Seriously Committed to Work & Fun  At Pacific Private Money, Inc., a real estate lender based in Novato, Calif., what you see is what you get, and that’s a good thing. Its cultural DNA is built on internal values of respect, reliability, transparency, authenticity, resourcefulness, and drive — values that also define […]

Wisdom from the CEO: Dewey Burke

Read the full Originate Report September edition here.  – How did your past experiences mold and shape you into the leader they are today? I think my time as an athlete shaped me as a leader the most. When you are part of a team, playing a college sport at the highest level, the way […]

The Effects from COVID on Reverse Mortgages

Read the full Originate Report September edition here.  – With the Covid crisis still looming, much attention has been focused on conventional loans where monthly mortgage payments are required. Recently, laws have been passed on both local and national levels to ensure homeowners are not evicted for non-payment on FHA loans. Relatively little attention has […]

The ONE Tool to Increase Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

Read the full Originate Report September edition here. – Marketing for your lending business needs to transform with the changing customer expectations. The concept of a marketing funnel that ends with lead conversion and customer acquisition is already outdated today. If you want to skyrocket your lending business and reach exponential levels of growth, the […]

Cover Story: Eddie Wilson, AAPL and Think Realty

Read the full Originate Report September edition here.  – Eddie Wilson, CEO of the American Association of Private Lenders, describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. After completing a degree in business management at Emory University, Eddie served as the president of Affinity Worldwide and continues to head Think Reality as the group’s CEO in addition […]

Culture Corner: Temple View Capital

Read the full Originate Report September edition here.  – What are your company’s core values and what do they mean to you? In short, it’s all about C-A-P-I-T-A-L. Clients: Our foremost duty is to our clients; by focusing on their needs and accomplishing their goals, our success will follow. Attitude: Our people push beyond conventional […]