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The Sekou Effect

Sekou Andrews created his own industry – poetic voice – to blend his passions and turn his art into a commodity. He’s been called the best-paid poet in America and the de-facto poet laureate of corporate America (Forbes). A master of the high art of storytelling. Spectacular, unique and really special (Ken Kragen). And he’s […]

Six Benefits to a Paperless Loan Process

Better than almost anyone, loan originators know the woes of lost paperwork, sitting around waiting for signatures, and the emotional stress when stacks of paper pile up on your desk. But with the advantages of a paperless loan process, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. More than 40 percent of today’s homebuyers are […]

Industry Spotlight: Bill Humphrey

As a recognized expert in IRS regulations surrounding self-directed IRAs, 401(k)s, and other tax-advantaged accounts, Bill Humphrey has spent years providing first-class education on alternative retirement assets to investors, accountants, and real estate professionals. An experienced Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Humphrey has focused on income tax, auditing, tax-related real estate issues, and forensic accounting for […]

Success is Learned Behavior

Edwin D. Epperson III has a lot of stories to tell: as a U.S. Army Infantry veteran who served multiple tours of combat, from 2003 with the invasion of Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division, to tours in Afghanistan with the 101st Pathfinder company with downed aircraft recovery missions, as a fearless Green Beret trained as a combat diver in Afghanistan […]

Cities to Watch: Austin, TX

As the capital of Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World,” and the no. 1 spot on the “Cities of the Future” list (Forbes), Austin has developed quite a reputation. It has been nicknamed “Silicon Hills” because of the numerous high-profile tech companies that have established a presence there (such as Amazon, Apple, Google […]

Cities to Watch: Boston

There are very few American cities with more historical significance than Boston. Founded all the way back in 1630, this Massachusetts town was the focal point for some of the most significant moments in our nation’s past- including the Boston Tea Party, the Siege of Boston, and the Battle of Bunker Hill. Being no less […]

Industry Spotlight: Michael Tedesco

Michael is a highly recognized industry executive with over 20 years of experience. From 1995-2000 Michael worked in loan origination and retail bank management before joining Lenders Service Inc. (LSI) in 2000. After serving as a leader for the appraisal department of one of the nation’s largest mortgage service companies, in 2005 he launched Appraisal […]