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Trailblazer: James Gaskin, SVP Corporate Development

Read the full April 2022 edition here. How many years have you been in Private Lending and why did you enter this field? I’ve been in the industry since 2013. My entire career has actually been focused on Real Estate finance, but I entered the private lending niche because I saw the huge opportunity in alternative […]

Sunset Equity: Changing the Face of Lending

Read the full April 2022 edition here. Nestled in sunny Culver City, California, Sunset Equity specializes in a full spectrum of real estate debt and private equity investments. Established in 2005, Sunset is one of the oldest private money lenders around. Amongst its group’s management team there are over five decades of experience on the […]

AXY Wrap™ — An Innovative Risk Mitigation Product

Read the full April 2022 edition here. Would you skydive without a parachute? Of course not. So, why should lending without a safety net be any different? Axylyum Charter, a company aimed at disrupting the distressed mortgage-backed asset space through innovation, is positioning its product, AXY Wrap™, as the parachute necessary to accompany your lending […]

5 Innovative Principles to Transform Your Marketing

Read the full April 2022 edition here. One of the foundational cornerstones to any successful business is how effectively they can market their vision. As a wise person once said, “sooner or later, everyone understands the importance of selling”. This universal truth especially applies in marketing. It is imperative that you understand sales if you […]

Sarkis “Sam” Chivitchian: From Ultimate Fighter to Ultimate Lender

Read the full April 2022 edition here. There aren’t too many people who can say they feel just as comfortable trading punches in the octagon as they are funding multi-million-dollar real estate transactions—but then again, Sam Chivitchian isn’t just your typical lender. Sam thrives in the spotlight, whether that’s competing on the big screen as a […]